Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Been a While

There isn't much really to report and yet as I type that I know it's not true.
Since I posted last I started back to school full time; making me a full time student/teacher/mom. It was kind of a non-event that happend pretty quickly and I am still adjusting to the new rhythm that includes textbook reading, paper writing and classroom observations sprinkled between lesson planning and laundry. J has been a champ picking up bedtime one night a week to help out and C has offered on several occasions to help me write my papers.
Other than that, there really isn't much to update you on. It snowed. I still went to work. The kids had off and enjoyed sledding - J and I enjoyed it also so there is no photographic evidence to back that up. But a wise mother once taught me that it's not what is on your camera that matters- you'll always have the memory. :)
So for now, I'll get back to moving forward and making memories.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tis the Season

To be baking...

When I am stressed and feeling a little out of my comfort zone I tend to bake... in excess. So with the onset of grad school looming over me (I start in 3 days) - and final grade reports due (in 4 days) - and kids getting cabin fever - and husband with actual fever - I decided to clean my kitchen.
Where I discovered a lovely pumpkin left over from halloween.
Because gourds generally last forever and are also a good source of vitamins, I decided I should bake something with it - I abandoned the kitchen cleaning and called everyone I could think of who might have made things from raw pumpkin. They hadn't.
Thank goodness for the internet!
It is actually very easy- First you but off the top of your pumpkin and quarter it onto a baking sheet.

Make sure to reserve the pumpkin seeds for roasting. Your littlest princess who is obsessed will thank you in the morning.

Roast for about 45 min at 350 till soft when poked with a fork.

Peel the meat off of the skin till you have a bowl of goop. Then blend in your food processor or blender till smooth. (If you are doing it in a blender the internets suggest adding a tablespoon or so of water to smooth it out.)  When this is complete you are able to use it in any recipe, as you would pumpkin puree.
I suggest pumpkin bread.

The only thing I would change about this recipe is I would add flax seeds- which I had on hand but blanked on when I was mixing up this recipe late at night. I think you could also add chocolate chips with wild success, but then you can't eat most of the loaf for breakfast the next morning. ;)

And because one baking project is not enough I got up the next morning and made some granola bars. I  will not share the recipe here because they came out pretty dry and cake-y- I'll keep searching for a better recipe. (All suggestions are welcome - if you have a great recipe- please share)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Building

It is still January and I am ready to make my resolutions for the coming year.

 But before I do I would like to recap our 2013 major events.

J- did more production and much more traveling for work (look for his upcoming work on Superbowl Sunday) - he started 'gaming' again and went to many Jets games in spite of their atrocious record- he made a short appearance in a comercial for a feline award show.
A- began working in the Bronx, started sewing and reading again and even braved the cold at 2 Jet's games.
C - started 1st grade, gymnastics and reading independently. She also mastered tying her own shoes and held her 6th birthday at a pottery painting studio.
N - started full time preschool, learned to swim under the water, grew like a weed from a baby to a full grown boy.

In 2014 we are planning to do more:
dating - playing - laughing - learning - sewing - reading - saving - exercise - organized sports - dinner partying - play dating - tea partying - mailing - planing - crafting - decorating -facetiming-  traveling - visiting - celebrating

We plan to do less:
whining - wasting - gaining - excusing

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Maybe Something More Christmas-y

This year we sent a card. It had a cute picture of my two kids. It took a total of 178 pictures and a costume change to get 'the one'. Some of the outtakes say more about our year than the one we sent. So I figured I should commemorate them somewhere- why not here?
I hope you are yours have a very
Merry Christmas 
and a 
Happy Holiday

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thankful Pt. 2

12. little kid bed head
13. hugs before 7am- followed by snuggles and tiny turtle snuggle noises.
14. donuts and coffee on a park bench
15. scribbles with fantastic stories
16. kids who love math
17. no school!
18. Milkshakes
19. Marriage (for 6 years!)
20. Literature to share
21. A family who loves and supports me

Claire and Nick's Saturday Thankful List
1. markers
2. notebooks
3. mom
4. subtraction
5. school
6. Grandma
7. Grandpa
8. GB
9. Papi
10. dad
11. writing his own name

Friday, November 01, 2013

Give Thanks

I was reading the blog yesterday and thinking about how much of a Debbie Downer I have been this season. When in fact my life has been going pretty swimmingly. There have been bumps, obviously but I was surprised that those bumps are the only thing I have blogged about and then... today... I read my sisters' blogs and remembered that this is the season of thankfulness. So I think I'll turn a full 180 and be thankful:

1. halloween candy
2. students to eat halloween candy and save me from myself
3. kids who are still young enough to think their parents are the best
4. the best parent partner (Jimmy)
5. Seeing my kids contentment with what they have
6. Hugs
7. Family near and far
8. surprise bachata music on my pandora
9. tires with air in them
10. happy Friday texts from complete strangers
11. Fridays

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad

Today was a particularly long and grueling day. I work up late (6:30am)- tossed on some clothes and ran out the door to beat traffic and hopefully find a parking spot at work. About 5 miles down the road I realized that the shirt I thought was black was in fact a dark red... dressing in the dark fail. I got to work and couldn't find a parking spot, ended up in the lot...(boo for $8 less dollars in my pocket). Got called into a meeting before 8am and before I could snag some coffee :(
Taught some kids about the Great Wall - surprisingly not in Canada.
Late to my 3rd period class, kids were atrocious- bonus: got to teach them what the word obnoxious means. Pity glances from the 2nd period teacher who was fleeing the room.
Feeling nauseous, headache coming on - still no coffee.
Sleep walked through an Algebra class- finally lunch- forgot to pack it.
Thinking about just going home. Drop the shades in my office and turn out the lights for a 15 min power nap. Can't sleep.
Email, email, grading, grading, phone calls to parents who don't speak English.
4 more classes to go- I can do this - eat a chocolate and hit the hallways.
Geometry, Living Environments
8th period- kids in rare form- it must be the moon cycle.
Office hours -will this day never end? Extended office hours... happy to help out.
I'll admit that on the way out of school I got to the top of the stairs and contemplated for a moment just falling down them because I was too tired to walk down them.
Tomorrow can only be better- right?